Reasons why home maintanance is important in Mozambique

In Mozambique, where homes are in absolute insufficiency, you may find a home where you think you could live in. However, the residential public infrastructure remains a problem.
We offer a comfortable home after the inspection and maintenance.
We also have a well structured support system to help our members who encounters any trouble in Mozambique. Feel free to contact us any time regarding any type of problem you are going through.

Reference of YAHIRO MOZAMBIQUE service

【Water pressure problem】 The shower head and pipe is too old and there are many dust. We remove and clean the inside it. ...

【Window key problem】 Because window lock was broken  the cliant can not close it. We change the parts and replace it.   ...

Water leak problem

【Water problem】 --After-- We broke the wall and replace new pipe. Our cliant feel happy♩ ...

Water leak problem

【Water problem】 --Before-- Water leak has reached the lower floors. The problem is pipe of bathroom... ...

【exhaust fan】

【exhaust fan】 --Before-- When you cook,you need exhaust fan! If that one is broken, smoke fills the room. ...

【exhaust fan】 --After-- When you cook,you need exhaust fan! If that one is broken, smoke fills the room. ...

Bar table fixing!

【Bar table】 --After-- ...

Bar table fixing!

<Before> The bar table was broken in house moving service. But no problem!! We can fix it ...

Replace of shower head

When we introduce the house,the shower head was broken. We can not introuduce house with problem. So we change it soon. ...

Replace the AIR CONDITION service

Maputo is so hot now..... If you need help to remove the moisture, call us!!! We will make good life to you soon!!!!! ...


[BEFORE] Because the voltage is unstable, light bulb cracked.


[AFTER] The fluorescent light is installed in order to stabilize the voltage, it is now very bright bathroom.


[BEFORE] Because there is no curtain, it had entered the direct sunlight.
In during the day bright, it is not in the environment can be very focused on work.


[AFTER] We have set up a new blind to all large windows. You can intercept this in strong sunlight.


[BEFORE] Cliant call to us that water is no longer out. When I investigated, aging of the pump was the cause.


[AFTER] Water is now out when we replace it with a new pump.


[BEFORE] The key of the door is aging, the key was not working.


[AFTER] We were installing a new key immediately.


[BEFORE] We bring the new window that cut to the correct size at the factory.


[AFTER] I was repairing a window broken glass in the strong wind.