Privacy policy

We at YAHIRO MOZAMBIQUE (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') will handle all user information concerned with the Company's service and all its related services in accordance with every related law and rules.

We at YAHIRO MOZAMBIQUE (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') will handle all user information concerned with the Company's service and all its related services (hereinafter referred to collectively as the 'Service') in accordance with the following.

1.Definition of User Information
User Information is information which was aquired by the Company from our members when sign up for the membership.
The information includes name, date of birth, where you work for, phone number, email address, address, password and membership number ot any other infomation to recognize the indivisual.

2.Aquiring Information
The Company collects user information when the user information is entered into the Company's online inquiry form.
Personal information is collected under users' conSent. Users can deny to fill the online inquiry form with personal information. However, please note that without required information, services we provide can be limited.

3.The Company shall use the acquired personal information for the following purposes listed below:
・to enable the Company to deal effectively with user inquiries
・to perform identity checks when a user makes an inquiry etc.
・to notify users of any other important information regarding the Service and to contact users where necessary

4.Information Delegation
The Company may entrust, to the extent the Company considers necessary to achieve the intended purpose concerning the use of the Service, the handling of personal information collected from users, in whole or in part, to a trustee. In such circumstances, the Company will adequately assess the eligibility of the trustee, impose a confidentiality agreement upon the trustee, and establish an appropriate information administration system.

5.Provision of Information
The Company will never provide user information to any third parties without the user`s consent, unless the Company is obliged and/or permitted to do so under applicable laws.
However, the Company shall share the information information for the following cases below:
a: By the law, the Company is being questioned by chamber or administrative bodies.
b: In emergency cases such as life and death matter.
c: When users made an action contrary to the terms of services or laws, and considered to be brought any disadvantage to the Company.

6.Modifications to this Privacy Policy
Personal information may be deleted, revised or viewed only by users or on users' request.

7. Information on Use of the Service: Cookies
To provide the best possible service to users, as well as for maintenance and security purposes, Cookies will be used to store user settings, to record access figures as well as monitoring usage patterns and statistics. Users can choose to deactivate Cookies, however in such circumstances users will not be able to use parts of the Service which require Cookies to be active such as those requiring users to login.

8:Access Profiling
Upon access to the Service, the user's time of login, IP address, browser type, and browser language etc., will be automatically obtained and stored. Such information will be used to analyze user environments, thereby enabling the Company to provide a better Service, as well as to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent practices which interfere with normal Service operations.

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This Privacy Policy has been created on 23th April 2014. Revisions to this Privacy Policy were made on 23th April 2014.